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Managing Partners

Name: Maria Baumgartner

Title: Managing Partner

Superpower: Creativity

Name: Lukas Rippitsch

Title: Managing Partner

Superpower: Eating

Data Team

Name: Carina Pölzl

Title: Head of Data

Superpower: Accepting any challenge

Name: Mary Sassaqui

Title: Jr. Business Analyst

Superpower: Surprise

Name: Matus Rovnak

Title: Junior Data Analyst

Superpower: Smiling

Name: Salma Mahmoud

Title: Senior Data Scientist

Superpower: Prediction

Sales & Marketing Team

Name: Kristina Toender

Title: Marketing Team Lead

Superpower: Positivity

Name: David Wilkins

Title: Junior content & SoMe Manager

Superpower: Shapeshifting

Name: Sooren Oghbatalab

Title: Sales Representative

Superpower : Extroverted Nerd

Name: Philipp Tsitsovits

Title: Business Development Manager

Superpower: Inventive & Independent

Operations Team

Name: Alessandra Halasz

Title: Office Manager

Superpower: Multitasking

Product Team

Name: Martin Frühwirt

Title: Head of Product

Superpower: Discovering opportunities

Name: Karin Levy

Title: Product Owner

Superpower: Energy

Name: Alexander Waldner

Title: Product Owner

Superpower: Connecting the dots

Talent Team

Name: Roma Jithin

Title: Team Lead Recruitment

Superpower: Never missing a deadline

Name: Jennifer Roth

Title: Head of Talent Managment

Superpower: Empathy

Name: Anna Überbacher

Title: Team Lead Recruitment

Superpower: Connecting people

Name: Ahmed Munir

Title: Junior Recruitment Consultant

Superpower: Flexible

Name: Ana Diaz

Title: Junior HR Consultant

Superpower: Solving complex problems

Name: Desislava Kaytazova

Title: Senior HR Consultant

Superpower: Challenging the status quo

Name: Era Zeneli

Title: Junior HR Consultant

Superpower: Listening 

Name: Chinwe Kawa

Title: Senior HR Consultant

Superpower: Problem Solver 

Name: Marlene Prenzel

Title: HR Consultant

Superpower: Optimism

Name: Patricia Duarte

Title: Junior Tech Recruiter

Superpower: Good Listener

Name: Paula Prie

Title: HR Consultant

Superpower: Curiosity

Name: Cristina Pavel

Title: Junior HR Consultant

Superpower: Telekinesis

Name: Timon Schnauffer

Title: Junior HR Consultant

Superpower: Perspective-Taking

Name: Valerie-Claire Fora

Title: Junior HR Consultant

Superpower: Adapting to everyone and everything

Name: Carolin Kobierski

Title: Junior HR Consultant

Superpower: Empathy

Tech Team

Name: Stefan Schacherl

Title: Chief Technology Officer

Superpower: Speaking with computers

Name: Iva Dopud

Title: Senior Frontend Developer

Superpower: Literal and lateral thinker

Name: David Toth

Title: Design Freelancer

Superpower: never missing a pixel

Name: José Da Silva

Title: Fullstack Developer

Superpower: Observing

Name: Peter Boxall

Title: DevOps Engineer

Superpower: Tech-Ray Vision




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