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Who are HROS?
Our team at HROS is dedicated to providing the best HR solutions to companies of all sizes. We are a group of experienced professionals who are passionate about creating the one-stop solution for all HR needs, back by data and AI, with the mission to revolutionise the HR industry. We focus on Crowdsourcing, MatchMaking, and AI to give you the best journey with HR processes.

Let us re-think recruiting with Personality based hiring.
We hire talents differently, based on emotional intelligence, personality traits, and competencies. Our philosophy is that Emotional Intelligence is the key to success and success starts with hiring the right people. The greatest asset of a company is its people.

This is the future, will you join the movement?

We are always growing...

+60 HROS

+5 countries

+40K users a month

One team. One goal.

Our ultimate goal is exceptional matching in recruitment, which ensures that every job is the right fit for the talent, and every talent is the right fit for the job.

Our unwavering focus is to guide companies in making data-driven and insightful recruiting decisions, ensuring success throughout the entire employment process.
To get the right fit.

Why Personality-based Matching?

1. Enhanced Cultural Fit.
2. Improved Hiring Accuracy.
3. Increased Engagement and Productivity.
4. Time and Cost Efficiency.

Our passion is identifying how talents personalities are connect with their corporate culture and values through the use of powerful algorithms and machine learning models.

Why? We know it increases the chances of long-term employee satisfaction while decreasing turnover rates. We dream of cohesive teams that fosters healthy work environment through personality-based matching, which boosts productivity and growth.

Founding team

Maria Baumgartner

Name: Maria Baumgartner

Title: Chief Executive Officer


Lukas Rippitsch

Name: Lukas Rippitsch

Title: Chief Growth Officer


Zolt Kelliar

Name: Zsolt Kelliar

Title: Chief Operating Officer


Olga Svoboda

Name: Olga Svoboda

Title: Chief People Officer

Embracing the change

Meet our team

Name: Carina Pölzl

Title: Head of Data

Accepting any challenge

Stefan Schacherl

Name: Stefan Schacherl

Title: Chief Technology Officer

Speaking with computers

Martin Frühwirt

Name: Martin Frühwirt

Title: Head of Product

Discovering opportunities

Roma Jithin

Name: Roma Jithin

Title: Head of TA

Never missing a deadline

Mátyás Kovács

Name: Mátyás Kovács

Title: Head of Sales HU


Jennifer Roth

Name: Jennifer Roth

Title: Head of People


Enikő Steidl

Name: Enikő Steidl

Title: Controlling Lead

Moving mountains

Kinga Korta

Name: Kinga Korta

Title: Head of Operations Poland



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