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Figures was created in October 2020 by Virgile, who was fed up with not having relevant compensation data for the start-up market in France, which led to endless discussions, negotiations, and therefore tons of internal inequality. Joined by Bastien quickly after, they tackled this issue by creating the first compensation benchmark product for start-ups & scale-ups in 8 European countries. With 1000+ clients as of today, we can safely say that we found our Product Market Fit. Our goal is now two-fold: – Cement our position as the main European compensation benchmarking product for start-ups & scale-ups. – Expand our product from pure benchmarking to compensation management as a whole.

Hiring shouldn’t be difficult and time-consuming, which is why we build an end-to-end recruiting solution that makes hiring smarter, easier and more efficient. brings you together with the most talented and relevant candidates on the market.

Speedinvest is a European venture capital fund for digital startups. With 200M Euro under management, they invest in disruptive startups across various fields such as Fintech, Deeptech and Industry 4.0 or Network Effects.

With annual investments of EUR 60-70 mio, Verve Ventures belongs to the top 10% most active startup investors in Europe. We therefore get you into competitive financing rounds alongside other world-class venture capital funds.

We empower you to build your individual portfolio.

For us, Female Founders has always been and will always be so much more than a network for women. It is a constantly growing community of people who share the same values and want to shape the future in a positive way. By being a source of support and guidance, we’re there every step along the way of the entrepreneurial minds’ life – both in the foreground and behind the scenes. 

To support this mission we provide products, services and opportunities that focus on three areas in the tech and innovation ecosystem:

The Vienna University of Technology is Austria’s largest scientific and technical research and educational institution and, together with Graz University of Technology and Leoben University of Technology, forms the Austrian Universities of Technology network with more than 42,000 students, a balance sheet total of 460 million euros and 8,800 employees.

Software Competence Center Hagenberg GmbH is an independent research center in the fields of Software Science and Data Science in Austria and is one of the associated companies of Upper Austrian Research GmbH, the lead company for research of the state of Upper Austria.

The University of Linz (long name: Johannes Kepler University Linz, short: JKU) is the largest educational and research institution in Upper Austria with more than 21,000 students[6]. It is located in Linz in the statistical district of Dornach-Auhof in the northeast of the city and is designed as a campus university.

The university was opened on October 8, 1966, as a college of social and economic sciences and began teaching two days later. It is thus one of the youngest universities in Austria.

Founded in Vienna in 1999, Qualysoft is a leading European IT services provider with
expertise in resource management, software development, and innovative solutions.
With offices in multiple countries, the company has over 500 specialists dedicated to  project success. In 2021, Qualysoft invested in Talentuno, a next-generation HR tech startup,  further solidifying its position in the European IT market.


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