Welcome to HROS, the data-driven HR-Tech company that dares to be different!
Power to the talent!

Let us rethink recruiting! 

Hire talents differently, based on personality traits and competencies. 

Candidates come first! 

We believe that Emotional Intelligence is the key to success.


Hiring for culture and personality is not another hurdle for your limited candidate pool, but rather a way to successfully increase the potential number of talents for your growth, as well as keeping them longer in the organisation.

We believe in personality based hiring. Period.

Our recruitment solution guarantees placements, and ensures great fits through an AI based and undivided talent-focus.


With our talent interface, we attract and engage the best talents throughout Europe. Our AI can help fast growth businesses to identify and clearly define their talent needs. And, through our human based quality assurance, we can guarantee placements.


We are 100% talent focused.

We believe in more than one career path!

Are you looking for the job of your dreams? 

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What do you get with our Career Coach app?


  • Career Prediction! Let our AI show you your options and possible next steps in your career
  • Recommendation! Receive a recommendation for your next steps.
  • Options! Receive options for a reasonable change in industry, based on our vast data pool.
  • Reset your career goal! Let our AI inspire you – and set a new career goal to get fast tracked.
  • Talk to your Talent Manager! Benefit from 15 years of recruiting experience and talk to your talent manager.
  • Get job offers that fit! Based on your profile, receive interesting companies that you might want to check out.
  • Let our AI update your options daily! We live by learn & develop. So does our AI. Enjoy daily updates and trends, reflected in your career simulation and job offers

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