We are HROS, the data-driven HR-Tech company that dares to be different!

Meet our founder.

Maria is the founder and CEO of HROS, and she is passionate about helping individuals and organizations unlock their true potential and reach their career goals.

Maria has a deep understanding of HR and technology, and she has a wealth of knowledge and experience in helping businesses find the right candidates and helping talented individuals discover their true superpower.

Our commitment to you.

Let us rething recruiting. Candidates come first!

Hire talents differently, based on emotional intelligence, personality traits, and competencies.

Our philosophy is that Emotional Intelligence is the key to success and success starts with hiring the right people. This is why we believe that hiring for culture and personality is not just an additional challenge, but rather a way to expand your pool of potential talents that can contribute to your organisation’s growth.

Furthermore, by hiring according to this criteria, you are more likely to retain your employees for a longer period of time.

We believe in personality based hiring. Period.

We make better matches.

Personality-based hiring focuses on understanding the needs and motivations of potential candidates, and assessing them based on how they will fit into the organization’s culture and team dynamics. This allows employers to find candidates who are passionate, motivated, and have the right personality traits to succeed in the position.

Objective and data based

Objective and data based evaluation in the recruitment process.

Team centric

Foundation for evidence-based team and organizational development.


We value competences more than signaling through big names and degrees. We hire for success.

We focus on strength and potential.

HR & Recruitment


We match talents on a strength base, showing potential growth areas 


We scout for talent with potential and the right mindset for your company


We are able to identify redflags immediately

We focus on AI based matching. Why? Because it is the future.

We are 100% talent-focused.

Our recruitment solution guarantees placements and ensures great fits through an AI-based and undivided talent focus.

Our talent interface attracts and engages the best talents throughout Europe.

Our AI can help fast-growth businesses to identify and clearly define their talent needs.

And, through our human-based quality assurance, we can guarantee placements.

What do you get with our Career Coach?

  • Career Prediction! Let our AI show you your options and possible next steps in your career
  • Recommendation! Receive a recommendation for your next steps.
  • Options! Receive options for a reasonable change in industry, based on our vast data pool.
  • Reset your career goal! Let our AI inspire you – and set a new career goal to get fast tracked.
  • Talk to your Talent Manager! Benefit from 15 years of recruiting experience and talk to your talent manager.
  • Get job offers that fit! Based on your profile, receive interesting companies that you might want to check out.
  • Let our AI update your options daily! We live by learn & develop. So does our AI. Enjoy daily updates and trends, reflected in your career simulation and job offers

Our Heroes.

At HROS, our team of experts has deep understanding of HR, tech trends, and products. We strive to give clients the best career coaching and provide them with the resources to reach their career goals. Our experts are dedicated to helping individuals find their true path and build the skills they need to succeed as well as help businesses to find their perfect match.

Learn more about our amazing Team.

Creating the HROS experience.

“Where talents discover their superpower, grow their strengths, and find their dream career path that gives them fulfillment.”


At HROS, we are committed to helping our clients unlock their potential and reach their career goals. We strive to provide the best possible HR-Tech services and career coaching experience, and our team of experts is dedicated to helping our clients find the perfect fit and achieve success. Our AI-driven technology takes the guesswork out of the recruiting process, and makes it easier for businesses to find the right candidate for their organization. We believe that personality-based hiring is the key to finding the perfect fit for your organization, and we are dedicated to helping our clients find the right candidates and helping talented individuals discover their true superpower.